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This short video is an example of using the reflective blog element to establish yourself as a leading thinker in your field.

This brief video looks at how a student in engineering turned a class assignment into an e-portfolio.

Why Have an e-Portfolio

This short video highlights several reasons why having an e-portfolio is a good decision whether you are a student, faculty, or staff.

"My e-Portfolio has allowed me to put a more detailed description of my resume in a single place that looks both intriguing and professional. I plan on using it for the next step either further education or a career in order to show my capabilities. Interestingly, creating this website also gave me the confidence to apply for an internship that I will begin in Fall 2008 updating the Digital chart of the World that is used all over the globe as a geographic resource."

Check out the evidence Andrea (Geography, 2010) links to in her e-Portfolio!

Snapshots taken: 8/8/2008

Andrea adapted a layout from with web editor software to incorporate information about what she is involved in at Penn State. Her home page is brief, inviting and professional! The quick links from the layout give you a quick sense of what she is involved in.


Besides talking about academics Andrea also shares information about what she she has been involved in. Besides allowing the reader to follow-up the highlighted links are quick clues to her message on this page!


Her brief introduction to the Geography courses she has taken gives you a sense of what these courses mean to her and why they are important. Below, off-screen Andrea also list other important courses.


Professional experience is important and Andrea already has two items to reflect upon: her work at White Clay Creek State Park and her experiences traveling to and studying in Peru! Both include links to project reports.


Always involved, Andrea is reaping the beneftis of co-curricular opportunties at Penn State. Not just a participant, Andrea has taken on leadership roles in these groups.


"My alumni mentor was very impressed and offered me two different internships for next summer. One of the internships is spending a month overseas in Georgia working for a company called Frontera Resources. I am very excited to apply for it next year."

Check out the evidence Andrew (Energy, Business and Finance, 2009) links to in his e-Portfolio!

Snapshots taken: 7/29/2008

Andrew's e-portfolio does not take the formal, structured route. Instead he takes an honest, personal approach and shares more about "what is on his mind" in terms of what is most important about who he is. He used a template to build this e-portfolio.


Where other e-portfolios take the time to tellyou about the past - Andrew's focus is clearly on the future!!


Evidence says everything. Having links to sample project work is important in any field.


Can you gain insight about a person from a book they feel has an important message to share? Read Andrew's review and I think you will see what I mean!


"With the intention of creating my own unique 'brand image' for future job opportunities and graduate school, my web portfolio has offered me the chance to not only differentiate myself from other business students, but more importantly, has given me the opportunity to develop my technological skills as an online marketer."

Dan (Marketing, Psychology, & Sociology, 2009) skillfully uses his reflective comments to present himself as a 'well-rounded', thoughtful and goal-oriented individual in his e-Portfolio. First year students, don't be intimidated by the amount of evidence - instead learn from his style! Has he differentiated himself from others? You bet!

Snapshots taken: 9/17/2007

Dan's home page is clean, straight forward and professional. It is immediately clear where different types of information can be found.


In his introduction Dan provides a preview of what you will find in his e-portfolio. His style of writing is easy to read and he includes lots of visuals to engage and entice the reader. What he writes is not something that he came up with overnight. It is clear that he has thought through what he wants to say and why!


Dan uses a distinctive business-like pattern for stating his goals! The font color helps the goal statements to stand out and then he follows up with a 'Target' and 'Action Plan' including updates whenever possible. Impressive!


Not just a link to a project - Dan characterizes these selected work assignments such that he highlights personal and professional attributes that are important in the business world! Furthermore, his comments not only describe the project but also include reflective value statements that identify what he personally found to be important.


Amy Martin - Music Education - 2005


"It has allowed me to clearly and impressively market myself to employers, while helping me gather my qualifications all in one location. It gave me an extra edge over other applicants. It has also helped me become much more knowledgeable and comfortable with webpage design and creation."

The range of evidence in Amy's (Music Education, 2005) e-Portfolio focusing on her abilities when it comes to teaching, conducting or performance is impressive to say the least! Amy highlights her achievements by including links to video of herself involved in these contexts.

Snapshots taken: 9/27/2005

Right from this opening page it is clear that Amy is involved in the teaching of music! Her purpose is clear and her presentation of links is straightforward.


Here is an example lesson included in Amy's site. Not only do you see that she can develop organized lessons the inclusion of photos reinforces that she is out there doing this - and is having fun working with kids!


If you have any questions about whether Amy can get a room full of elementary students to play together in a purposeful, professional manner just click on the link and watch the video. Now that's evidence!


Beyond teaching, Amy demonstrates that she is also an exceptional performer. Her e-portfolio provides information about the music and ensembles she is involved in, as well as a sample of video links to a couple of recent performances.


Use the Blogs at Penn State platform to create e-Portfolios because it is easy to use and allows you to update and contribute to your e-Portfolio wherever you have an internet connection.


We provide sessions to help students, faculty, and staff begin building their e-portfolios. To see upcoming events, check out the calendar.

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